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Pattern maker


3D Printing

At Techshape we specialise in the production  and maintenance of pattern equipment for  the Foundry and associated engineering industries. We also offer 3D printing facilities.

 Based at our workshop in Somerset we have 25+ years experience in traditional pattern making techniques and general engineering practices.

 Working with wood and resin.

 We offer complete pattern equipment construction from drawing to finished product.

 Either loose patterns, mounted on matching moulding boards or in their own moulding frames.

  Coreboxes of either single impression hand rammed type or multiple impression machine blown type can be supplied.

  We are also able to offer a repair or modification service to existing pattern equipment.


  Further to pattern making we are able to offer 3D printing and our experience in wood and resins for any project you require.

Traditional timber products ranging from bespoke furniture to small gift items or resin and 3D printed products such as models or prototypes.



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